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About Us

Preston Computers  provides you with quality service, repairs and support. When something goes wrong with your computer and you need it fixed as fast as possible, we ensure a prompt, reliable and effective service is given to you. Our aim is to make your computer system fully functional in the shortest time possible and your business back and running.

Our dependable, highly skilled and friendly technicians will provide a professional and timely service.


General computer services we provide:

Desktop PC and Laptop Computer Repairs and Service
We repair, upgrade, optimize and maintain, remove virus, trojan and spyware, repair LCD screens for laptops, Fix Laptop Motherboard, fix laptop DC connectors, repair laptop keyboard and mouse pad, repairs for desktop computers and laptops.

Data Recovery
We recover your data that were lost through virus, accidental deletion, accidental drive re-format or other means on how you lost your data. We perform file recovery, hard drive recovery, disk recovery, data recovery, partition and drive recovery.

Computer Network System Setup, IT Support and Help Desk

Computer Hardware and Software supply 
We provide you with hardware, parts, software, computer systems, computer desktop, laptops and accessories.

Brand names that we repair includes: 
HP, Toshiba, Acer, Asus, Sony, Dell,