• Genuine PA3715E-1AC3 N17908 V85 FOR TOSHIBA Satellite L300 LAPTOP CHARGER 65W


  • 100% Genuine/Original Charger, not a replacement.
  • Input: AC 100V - 240V 50-60Hz
  • Output: DC 19V 3.42A
  • Power: 65W (not for more than 65W)
  • Connector Size: 5.5*2.5 mm (Ext. diameter, Int. diameter)
  • Warranty: 1 YEAR WARRANTY
  • Condition:100% brand new and high quality


  • Before buy it, please check the current, voltage and connector size of your original charger. Please feel free to contact me!

>>Compatible Part Number:

  • A000001200 A000001210 A000007020 A000007030 ACC10 ADP-65DB ADP-65HB ADP-75FB-A ADT-W61 API1AD43 K000000550 K000004120 K000005050 K000019570 K000025320 K000027270 K000029300 K000032420 K000032580 K000040250 K000040270 K000040290 K000040460 K000041670 K000042840 K000043680 PA-1500-02 PA-1600-01 PA-1600-02 PA-1650-01 PA-1650-02 PA-1700-02 PA-1750-01 PA-1750-04 PA3165U-1ACA PA3380E-1ACA PA3380U-1ACA PA3396E-1ACA PA3396U-1ACA PA3432E-1AC3 PA3432E-1ACA PA3432U-1AC3 PA3432U-1ACA PA3467 PA3467E PA3467E-1ACA PA3467U PA3467U-1ACA PA3468E PA3468E-1ACA PA3468U PA3468U-1ACA PA3714U-1ACA/ SADP-65KB SADP-65KBB V000055210 V000055400 V000061300 V000061310 V000061690 ADP-60BB. 7832D PA-16 310-5422 310-6499 310-6405 ADP-60NH CF719 K9060 N5825 TD230 5.WD971 312-0367 310-7667 PA-16

>>Compatible Models:

  • Toshiba Satellite A130-ST1312

Toshiba Portege M600

Toshiba Dynabook AW2 Series,

Toshiba Dynabook AX2 Series,

Toshiba Satellite 1600 Series,

Toshiba Satellite 1715XCDS Series,

Toshiba Satellite 3000 Series,

Toshiba Satellite A65 Series,

Toshiba Satellite A70 Seires,

Toshiba Satellite A75 Series,

Toshiba Satellite A80 Series,

Toshiba Satellite P30 Series,

Toshiba Satellite P35 Series,

Toshiba Satellite Pro L100 Series,

Toshiba Satellite Pro M50 Series,

Toshiba Satellite Pro M70 Series,

Toshiba Tecra A7 Series

Toshiba Equium A100 Series

Equium A100-549

Toshiba Equium L100 Series

Equium L100-186

Toshiba Equium M70 Series

Equium M70-173, Equium M70-337, Equium M70-339,

Equium M70-364

Toshiba Portege M600 Series

Portege M601, Portege M602, Portege M603


Toshiba Qosmio F45 Series

Qosmio F45-AV410, Qosmio F45-AV411, Qosmio F45-AV412,

Qosmio F45-AV413, Qosmio F45-AV423

Toshiba Satellite 1100 Series


Satellite 1100, Satellite 1100 Z4, Satellite 1100-A210,

Satellite 1135-S125, Satellite 1135-S1552


Toshiba Satellite 1700 Series

Satellite 1710CDS, Satellite 1735, Satellite 1750


Toshiba Satellite 1900 Series

Satellite 1900, Satellite 1900-SP303, Satellite 1905,

Satellite 1905-S301, Satellite 1955-S801


Toshiba Satellite 2400 Series

Satellite 2435


Toshiba Satellite A60 Series

Satellite A60-S156


Toshiba Satellite A85 Series

Satellite A85-S107


Toshiba Satellite A100 Series

Satellite A100-151, Satellite A100-163, Satellite A100-188,

Satellite A100-209, Satellite A100-259, Satellite A100-295,

Satellite A100-500, Satellite A100-507, Satellite A100-508,

Satellite A100-521, Satellite A100-522, Satellite A100-523,

Satellite A100-525, Satellite A100-533, Satellite A100-570,

Satellite A100-649, Satellite A100-S2211TD,Satellite A100-S3211TD,

Satellite A100-S8111TD,?Satellite A100-ST3211

Satellite A100-S2211, Satellite A105, Satellite A105-S1012, Satellite A105-S1013, Satellite A105-S1014, Satellite A105-S171, Satellite A105-S1712, Satellite A105-S2712, Satellite A105-S2713, Satellite A105-S2716, Satellite A105-S2717, Satellite A105-S2719, Satellite A105-S361, Satellite A105-S3611, Satellite A100, Satellite A100-05R010, Satellite A100-016004, Satellite A100-03501N, Satellite A100-046004, Satellite A100-151, Satellite A100-153, Satellite A100-155, Satellite A100-158, Satellite A100-159, Satellite A100-161, Satellite A100-163, Satellite A100-165, Satellite A100-166, Satellite A100-168, Satellite A100-169, Satellite A100-170, Satellite A100-175, Satellite A100-181, Satellite A100-188, Satellite A100-192, Satellite A100-193, Satellite A100-209, Satellite A100-212, Satellite A100-218, Satellite A100-220, Satellite A100-232, Satellite A100-233, Satellite A100-234, Satellite A100-237, Satellite A100-250, Satellite A100-252, Satellite A100-253, Satellite A100-269, Satellite A100-270, Satellite A100-500, Satellite A100-507, Satellite A100-508, Satellite A100-510, Satellite A100-521, Satellite A100-522, Satellite A100-523, Satellite A100-525, Satellite A100-528, Satellite A100-529, Satellite A100-533, Satellite A100-534, Satellite A100-551, Satellite A100-JH2, Satellite A100-LE1, Satellite A100-LE4, Satellite A100-LE6, Satellite A100-S2211TD, Satellite A100-S2311TD, Satellite A100-S8111TD, Satellite A100-SP621, Satellite A100-ST2311, Satellite A100-ST3211, Satellite A100-ST8211



Toshiba Satellite A105 Series

Satellite A105-S101, Satellite A105-S101X, Satellite A105-S171,

Satellite A105-S171x, Satellite A105-S271, Satellite A105-S271X,

Satellite A105-S361, Satellite A105-S361X, Satellite A105-S2236,

Satellite A105-S2712,Satellite A105-S2713, Satellite A105-S2716,

Satellite A105-S2717,Satellite A105-S3611

Satellite A105 , Satellite A105-S101, Satellite A105-S171, Satellite A105-S271, Satellite A105-S361, Satellite A105-S1013, Satellite A105-S1014, Satellite A105-S1712, Satellite A105-S2001, Satellite A105-S2011, Satellite A105-S2021, Satellite A105-S2031, Satellite A105-S2051, Satellite A105-S2061, Satellite A105-S2081, Satellite A105-S2091, Satellite A105-S2111, Satellite A105-S2711, Satellite A105-S2712, Satellite A105-S2713, Satellite A105-S2716, Satellite A105-S2717, Satellite A105-S2719, Satellite A105-S3611



Toshiba Satellite A110 Series

Satellite A110-101, Satellite A110-177, Satellite A110-178,

Satellite A110-203, Satellite A110-260, Satellite A110-289,

Satellite A110-339, Satellite A110-370


Toshiba Satellite A135 Series

Satellite A135-S2326, Satellite A135-S2336, Satellite A135-S2346,

Satellite A135-S2356, Satellite A135-S2376, Satellite A135-S2386,

Satellite A135-S2426, Satellite A135-S4499, Satellite A135-S4517,

Satellite A135-S4527, Satellite A135-S4656, Satellite A135-S4666,

Satellite A135-S4677, Satellite A135-S4727, Satellite A135-S4827


Toshiba Satellite A200 Series

Satellite A200-10W, Satellite A200-10X, Satellite A200-10Z,

Satellite A200-11C, Satellite A200-12F, Satellite A200-13L,

Satellite A200-13O, Satellite A200-13R, Satellite A200-13T,

Satellite A200-13U, Satellite A200-14D, Satellite A200-14E,

Satellite A200-180, Satellite A200-18T, Satellite A200-19I,

Satellite A200-19K, Satellite A200-19M, Satellite A200-1A9,

Satellite A200-1AA, Satellite A200-1AB, Satellite A200-1AE,

Satellite A200-1Ai, Satellite A200-1BP, Satellite A200-1BW,

Satellite A200-1CC, Satellite A200-1CR, Satellite A200-1DA,

Satellite A200-1DN, Satellite A200-1DQ, Satellite A200-1FJ,

Satellite A200-1G6, Satellite A200-1GD, Satellite A200-1HU,

Satellite A200-1M7, Satellite A200-ST2041, Satellite A200-ST2043


Toshiba Satellite A205 Series

Satellite A205-S4537, Satellite A205-S4557, Satellite A205-S4567,

Satellite A205-S4577, Satellite A205-S4578, Satellite A205-S4587,

Satellite A205-S4597, Satellite A205-S4607, Satellite A205-S4617,

Satellite A205-S4618, Satellite A205-S4629, Satellite A205-S4638,

Satellite A205-S4639, Satellite A205-S4707, Satellite A205-S4777,

Satellite A205-S4787, Satellite A205-S4797


Toshiba Satellite A215 Series

Satellite A215-S4697, Satellite A215-S4717, Satellite A215-S4737,

Satellite A215-S4747, Satellite A215-S4757, Satellite A215-S4767,

Satellite A215-S4807, Satellite A215-S4817


Toshiba Satellite L10 Series

Satellite L10-100, Satellite L10-101, Satellite L10-104,

Satellite L10-105, Satellite L10-130, Satellite L10-154,

Satellite L10-190, Satellite L10-194, Satellite L10-226,

Satellite L10-272, Satellite L10-SP104


Toshiba Satellite L15 Series

Satellite L15-S104


Toshiba Satellite L20 Series

Satellite L20-101, Satellite L20-112, Satellite L20-118,

Satellite L20-120, Satellite L20-121, Satellite L20-135,

Satellite L20-155, Satellite L20-157, Satellite L20-159,

Satellite L20-173, Satellite L20-188, Satellite L20-205,

Satellite L20-256, Satellite L20-S310TD, Satellite P205-S6237,

Satellite L20-SP119, Satellite L20-SP131


Toshiba Satellite L25 Series

Satellite L25, Satellite L25-S1216


Toshiba Satellite L30 Series

Satellite L30, Satellite L30-10P, Satellite L30-114,

Satellite L30-115, Satellite L30-11E, Satellite L30-11H,

Satellite L30-134, Satellite L30-134, Satellite L30-140,

Satellite L30-142


Toshiba Satellite L35 Series

Satellite L35-S1054, Satellite L35-S2151, Satellite L35-S2161,

Satellite L35-S2171, Satellite L35-S2174, Satellite L35-S2316,

Satellite L35-S2366, Satellite L35-SP1011, Satellite L35-SP2011


Toshiba Satellite L40 Series

Satellite L40-10O, Satellite L40-12X, Satellite L40-13G


Toshiba Satellite L45 Series

Satellite L45-S2416, Satellite L45-S4687


Toshiba Satellite L100 Series

Satellite L100-103, Satellite L100-104, Satellite L100-105,

Satellite L100-140, Satellite L100-141, Satellite L100-165,

Satellite L100-170, Satellite L100-171, Satellite L100-179

Toshiba Satellite L300 Series

Toshiba Satellite Pro L300 Series


Toshiba Satellite L400 Series

Satellite L401, Satellite L402


Toshiba Satellite M30X Series

Satellite M30X-S114, Satellite M30X-S171ST, Satellite M30X-S214,

Satellite M30X-S234, Satellite M30X-SP111


Toshiba Satellite M35X Series

Satellite M35X-S149, Satellite M35X-S161,?Satellite M35X-S171,

Satellite M35X-S309, Satellite M35X-S311,?Satellite M35X-S329,

Satellite M35X-S349,?Satellite M35X-S1491, Satellite M35X-S1611,

Satellite M35X-S3091, Satellite M35X-S3111,?Satellite M35X-S3291,

Satellite M35X-S3491


Toshiba Satellite M300 Series


Toshiba Satellite M40 Series

Satellite M40-S312TD


Toshiba Satellite M45 Series

Satellite M45-S165, Satellite M45-S1651, Satellite M45-S1691


Toshiba Satellite M50 Series

Satellite M50-130, Satellite M50-157, Satellite M50-159,

Satellite M50-161, Satellite M50-180, Satellite M50-215,

Satellite M50-227, Satellite M50-228


Toshiba Satellite M55 Series

Satellite M55-S1001, Satellite M55-S139, Satellite M55-S139X,

Satellite M55-S141


Satellite M60 Series:

Satellite M60 Series, Satellite M60-103, Satellite M60-104, Satellite M60-105, Satellite M60-112, Satellite M60-126, Satellite M60-128, Satellite M60-131, Satellite M60-132, Satellite M60-134, Satellite M60-135, Satellite M60-139, Satellite M60-144, Satellite M60-148, Satellite M60-149, Satellite M60-153, Satellite M60-154, Satellite M60-161, Satellite M60-163, Satellite M60-164, Satellite M60-167, Satellite M60-169, Satellite M60-170, Satellite M60-171, Satellite M60-175, Satellite M60-176, Satellite M60-BK3, Satellite M60-CD4, Satellite M60-CD6, Satellite M60-CD7, Satellite M60-S811ST, Satellite M60-S6111TD, Satellite M60-S8112ST, Satellite M60-S8112TD


All Satellite M65 Series:

Satellite M65-S809, Satellite M65-S909, Satellite M65-S8091, Satellite M65-S9062, Satellite M65-S9063, Satellite M65-S9064, Satellite M65-S9065, Satellite M65-S9091, Satellite M65-S9092, Satellite M65-S9093, Satellite M65-SP811, Satellite M65-SP959,Satellite M65-S821, Satellite M65-S8211


Toshiba Satellite M70 Series

Satellite M70-144, Satellite M70-151, Satellite M70-152,

Satellite M70-168, Satellite M70-169, Satellite M70-175,

Satellite M70-181, Satellite M70-186, Satellite M70-187,

Satellite M70-189, Satellite M70-194, Satellite M70-196,

Satellite M70-212, Satellite M70-217, Satellite M70-236,

Satellite M70-238, Satellite M70-239, Satellite M70-267,

Satellite M70-343, Satellite M70-348, Satellite M70-356,

Satellite M70-394, Satellite M70-395, Satellite M70-396


Toshiba Satellite M200 Series

Satellite M200-ST200, Satellite M200-ST2002


Toshiba Satellite M205 Series

Satellite M205-S3207, Satellite M205-S3217


Toshiba Satellite P200 Series

Satellite P200-10C, Satellite P200-13Z, Satellite P200-140,

Satellite P200-143, Satellite P200-144, Satellite P200-14O,

Satellite P200-155, Satellite P200-156, Satellite P200-ST2061,

Satellite P200-ST2071


Toshiba Satellite P205 Series

Satellite P205-S6237, Satellite P205-S6247, Satellite P205-S6257,

Satellite P205-S6267, Satellite P205-S6277, Satellite P205-S6287,

Satellite P205-S6297, Satellite P205-S6298, Satellite P205-S6307,

Satellite P205-S6327, Satellite P205-S6337, Satellite P205-S6347,


Toshiba Satellite U300 Series

Satellite U300, Satellite U300-10M, Satellite U300-111,

Satellite U300-114, Satellite U300-115, Satellite U300-ST3091,

Satellite U300-ST3094, Satellite U300-ST5107, Satellite U300-ST5127


Toshiba Satellite U305 Series

Satellite U305-S5077, Satellite U305-S5087, Satellite U305-S5097,

Satellite U305-S57402, Satellite U305-S7448,Satellite U305-S7467,

Satellite U305-S7477, Satellite U305-S7449, Satellite U305-S7432,

Satellite U305-S7446


Toshiba Satellite Pro A100 Series

Satellite Pro A100-622, Satellite Pro A100-722, Satellite Pro A100-848,

Satellite Pro A100-908, Satellite Pro A100-00K, Satellite Pro A100-00Y,

Satellite Pro A100-01A, Satellite Pro A100-03R


Toshiba Satellite Pro L10 Series

Satellite Pro L10-113, Satellite Pro L10-271

Toshiba Satellite Pro L20 Series


Satellite Pro L20-102, Satellite Pro L20-103, Satellite Pro L20-137,

Satellite Pro L20-211, Satellite Pro L20-258, Satellite Pro L20-259


Toshiba Satellite Pro L40 Series

Satellite Pro L40-135


Toshiba Tecra L20 Series

Tecra L2-S011, Tecra L2-S022

  • Not all compatible models are listed.

>>Package Includes:

  • 1 x Power Adapter (WITHOUT a power cord) if you want power cord let us know



>>Why choose us:

  • Quality Products:  Preston Computers is local seller. Only sell high quality products.
  • Reasonable Price: All products we sell only cost a small part of the market price.
  • Excellent Service: We strive to satisfy and help our customers


  • Shipping Time: We ship it within 24 working-hours after receiving cleared payment.
  • We also offer same day delivery within Melbourne depends on location but please call us to get price on postage


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Genuine PA3715E-1AC3 N17908 V85 FOR TOSHIBA Satellite L300 LAPTOP CHARGER 65W

  • Brand: Toshiba
  • Product Code: TOSHIBA Satellite L300 LAPTOP CHARGER 65W
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  • $39.00